Autumn Opal Festival 2019

A Celebration of Imperfection

The Wildwood Theatre invites you to join us for live music, storytelling, and limited-edition Wildwood beer. 

The Autumn Opal Festival is the second annual community event to support the Wildwood Theatre and hallow our journeys with live music and storytelling.

 Why “Autumn opal”?

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The Opal, known for its iridescent beauty, is a kaleidoscope of shifting color ranging from dark to light. For centuries, many feared the stone, labeling it as a bearer of misfortune and harm.

Still, throughout history, the Opal has been revealed as an emblem of extraordinary hope and healing. At our second annual community celebration, The Autumn Opal Festival, we selected the stone as a metaphor for the multitudes held within every human being.

Like the Opal, light and darkness make up our existence. We must explore both. We are complex and ever changing. 

This November we leave harmful expectations to the autumn winds. We acknowledge, then shed painful pasts, so that we may live more fully. The Autumn Opal celebrates each step of the journey and the strength required to embark. 

Where and When?

Friday November 1st, 2019

6:00pm - 9:00 pm

The Aerie

1701 Charlton St.

West St Paul, MN 55118


Sponsor the Festival

We need your support! Strengthen the Wildwood Theatre's efforts to shine a light on mental health by becoming a sponsor today!

All proceeds go toward future community engagement and performances that revolve around mental health.

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 The Evening

*Light hors d'oeuvres and beverages will be available throughout the evening.

5:45 pm | Doors Open

6:30 pm | Welcome

6:45 pm | Storytelling

7:00 pm | Whalen and the Willows performs

7:30 pm | Storytelling

7:45 pm | Intermission

8:00 pm | A little Chat

8:25 pm | Why Wildwood?

8:30 pm | Whalen and the Willows Performs


Wildwood Patronage

A huge part of why the Wildwood continues to thrive is through continued Patronage. Without the small contributions of these donors, The Wildwood would be unable to sustain programming,

Please watch the video and consider becoming a patron.


Tell your Tale

Our stories heal. 

Sometimes we fail to recognize the importance of our stories, or hide them because we’re ashamed. 

When you show bravery with your truths through words and actions, you have the power to inspire change. This ‘integrity of self’ empowers you to stand still in what is right, and lovingly coaxes others to do the same.

The Wildwood summons those who hear our call to be imperfect - out loud.

Join us in telling your tale at The Autumn Opal Festival.