Funding Status Definitions


only assigned at a time of emergency either when we cannot cover urgent costs or can predict funding shortage shortly and must raise a certain amount to be safe.

We try to avoid changing the status to critical because we know how unnerving it is to see, we feel the same way about it.

It is only a final resort.

Critical status is assigned when emergency funds have depleted or are about to be depleted. 

Very Low

assigned when our current funding is running low and we can see that we may have to reach into an emergency fund. This is not good news.


Low Status indicates that we are currently covering our maintenance fees and bills. We are making it, but only just.


like a unicorn, it comes so rarely it’s almost a myth.

If you ever see that status it means The Wildwood is properly funded for the month. It is likely we even managed to set aside some money for future projects.

Tears of joy stream from the eyes of the Sages, there is cheering in the streets, and the Wildwood prospers.