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Tales From the Wood

Our stories are diverse. 

They are filled with joy, fear, uncertainty, guilt. 

Our stories heal. 

Sometimes we fail to recognize the importance of our stories, or hide them because we’re ashamed. 

When you show bravery with your truths through words and actions, you have the power to inspire change. This ‘integrity of self’ empowers you to stand still in what is right, and lovingly coaxes others to do the same.

The Wildwood summons those who hear our call to be imperfect out loud. We’re beginning to collect and share stories to create a community of wanderers who join us in our mission to unravel the stigma of mental health

Our allies, Acowsay Cinema, have a message for you…


Acowsay Cinema is a Minneapolis based production company. We are filmmakers telling stories about things that matter most. We have partnered with Wildwood Theatre to help in the fight for mental health advocacy. We believe your story is important in that fight and could help others in their own struggle with mental health.

We would love to be a part of the telling of your story. This would include a low key interview in which you would unfold your narrative. It is our hope that this sharing would help others to unburden themselves as well as begin or continue the healing process through the power of releasing your story.

The next steps are setting up a time at your convenience and a place of your comfort. An in-home interview would be great, but we also understand some do not love to invite cameras into the home, so we have some alternative spaces in place, including our studio in MPLS. We would like to iterate that it would be a 2-hour shoot with a very minimal setup. We always strive to be respectful, understanding and un-intrusive when filming.

We appreciate your time and willingness to work with Acowsay and the Wildwood Theatre. Thank you.


Community Round Tables

The Wildwood Theatre hosts open-table discussions on Mental Health that are free and open to the community. 

We at the Wildwood use these discussions to provide a platform for individuals to share their opinions and experiences with mental health and mental illness.

 Removing Barriers

The Wildwood Theatre believes the only way to serve its mission is to make its programs as accessible as possible.

On the day of performances, a limited number of tickets are made available at no-cost on a first come first served basis to those who would otherwise find difficulty in attending- no questions asked.

We ask that this opportunity remain reserved for these individuals as this is a very limited offering based on the size of venue.

The Autumn Opal Festival


Every Year, The Wildwood Theatre hosts a festival to celebrate the imperfections we all carry. Together, we hallow these imperfections through music, and storytelling.