K12 Programming



The Problem:

Many school districts struggle with finding the time or the means to educate students on mental health.

more specifically: Emotional Identification and Awareness. Individual Coping Strategies, and Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills.

Despite honest efforts, struggling students tend to be left undeserved due to the growing demand for specialized workers in schools, growing class sizes, and a need for safety and security within schools.

The Wildwood has two different offerings to help students and faculty practice a wide range of skills through the use of dramatic expression.

Teaching empathy using dramatic expression encourages youth to understand others while becoming accepting, compromising, and collaborative leaders.



Theatrical performance has always been the ultimate form of expression and storytelling.

Within any given theatrical production, a pantheon of skills are learned and practiced. 


Drama-Based Activities

Suggested as an addition to In-Class curricula; The Wildwood Theatre's Drama Based Activities are a fun, interactive form of skill building designed to guide participants through different emotional regulation, identification, and interpersonal/ relational skills.