K12 Program


The Problem

Many school districts struggle with finding the time or the means to educate students about mental health.

Despite honest efforts, struggling students tend to be left under served due to the growing demand for specialized workers in schools, growing class sizes, and a need for safety and security within schools.

The Play


The Wildwood Theatre presents an original piece, “MY MIND”.

My Mind uses theatre to teach students about mental health through acting and audience participation.  This program is designed to be a multi-week collaboration between the Wildwood Theatre, students, and school staff.  The program is designed to teach students how to recognize signs of mental illness, reduce the stigma, and give them the skills to maintain friendships with students who are struggling.  

Teaching Artists from the Wildwood work with young actors over the course of a few weeks.  My Mind consists of a curriculum based in principles of psychoeducation, empathy, and theatre exercises. Students perform an original script where they explore the ways mental illness affects young people.  Students in the audience engage with a moderator throughout the performance problem solving through difficult situations.


The Skills

 My Mind is a program that is designed to serve children of all ages and backgrounds. Through participating on stage or in the audience, students will develop tools to improve their social and emotional intelligence.

“Teaching empathy using dramatic expression encourages youth to understand others while becoming accepting, compromising, and collaborative leaders.”

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