Saturday March 24th 6:00 pm- 7:15 pm


  • Not in Attendance- Ryan, Jake

Rehearsal Breakdown

  • Introductions to cast... lots of yellows and purples. (nice casting Sarah ;) ) 

  • Read through of Phoebe's Phobia

  • Break @7:40

  • Second read through of PP. 

  • End @ 7:15 pm


  • Rehearsals will eventually be split into FRIENDS and VOICES separately to practice separate movement and dialogue. 

  • At this point, assume all rehearsals are ALL CALL until further notice. 

  • General expectations and notes. David is super good at uncomfortable conversations. Please use him for any concerns, questions, etc. Sarah is also available at any point to discuss the production. 

  • Production Space is at OFF LEASH ART BOX and we will be there for all of tech week. The space is ours for the entire day those days for anyone who wants to come before rehearsal and practice. 

  • Become familiar with your "VOICE description(s)" they should be read that way- even if you have two different voices, they should be read with that trait. 

  • Information about individual characters, mental disorders, etc. will be made available throughout the production. We encourage strongly that you become familiar with different mental disorders etc. on your own as well. We are doing more than reading words on a page. We are telling stories and should know the experience. 

  • If at any point the content of the production begins to have any sort of effect on you, please feel free to reach out. We have resources available for you to take advantage of. 

  • Thank you all for a wonderful first night. Now that we got all the awkwardness out of the way, we are excited to do some important work with all of you! You may also make comments on these rehearsal reports.