Sunday March 25th 6:00 pm


  • No Doug

Rehearsal Breakdown

  • Intros for new additions
  • Activities
  • Break @ 7:05
  • Discuss "pillars" and stage design
  • Blocking Pg. 11
    • The "horseshoe"
    • "The opening"
    • Voices "Homes in corners"
  • Blockin Pg. 13
    • Friends escape the voices
    • "weaving" 
  • End @ 8:30 pm.

Stage Manager Notes

  • Stage Designs etc will be available in The Hollow once they are finalized for you to look at if that interests you. 
  • BLOCKING will always be recorded by me. If you are not in attendance and need your blocking, PLEASE find me or a fellow cast member to get notes from. 

Whispers from the Sages

  • David will be bringing posters and other media to rehearsals. PLEASE help us out and hang these up everywhere you go. Smaller posters are intended for bulletin boards and the larger posters are intended for windows and counter faces. 
  • Our show is now up on facebook. Feel free to begin inviting and sharing with friends, family, and anyone you believe would benefit from our production. The link is below along with our box office page.