Scenes 2, 3, & 6

Here are the rehearsal notes from June 7, 2018. Before the lab performance June 28, 2018, we suggest focusing most of your efforts on scene 6. You mentioned feeling the least confident in that scene and we asked targeted questions to help guide your narrative. 

GENERAL QUESTION: What kind of care setting is Marie in? Is she progressing through levels of care?

Character Development Notes

Marie: I think it would be helpful for you and for our actor to create a timeline of Marie’s cognitive decline. Specify her impairments so that characterization is appropriate and vocalizing style is as well.  When you edit the script, you can include a clinical description at the beginning of each scene. This could inform FUTURE actors  where Marie is at clinically.

Gavin: Gavin’s characterization is not currently clear. He flip flops between dark hitman and poetic, but never quite blends into the disturbed poetic type.  How does Gavin typically engage? How does Marie change that?  (This doesn’t have to be explicit in the script, it can be implicit)

Scene 2

Scene 2 feels like 2 separate scenes. On Page 15 after maybe I will there is a natural fade out. Scene 2b. could begin mid-dialogue on Marie’s line with no changes to dialogue. 

Scene 3

Marie: How is she emotionally? Page 24:  What is “smart me”? You mention that she’s witty in the beginning, but then in this scene she appears very solemn.  The banter that the two had in the prior scene doesn’t continue into this scene.

Gavin: Gavin’s motivation is not clear in this scene.  Gavin presents as very empathetic, which we are not sure is your intention Starting on Page 22: “What are you writing about now” he is using very empathetic words. What also isn’t clear is why he is pushing for Marie to paint. It’s critical to the plot, but it seems to be coming out of nowhere.  

Scene 6

We did not provide any feedback on individual lines because it seems like the arc isn’t clear to you. Where Gavin is, and how he is engaging with

Gavin: Comes prepared knowing that Marie is no longer herself.  He has reluctance to meet with her and complete the hit.  In looking at his portrayal, it seems like the overall arc is the initial meet/assessment. He realizes that she is no longer herself. As he engages with her, it seems like he should simultaneously be trying to say his last goodbyes, but doesn’t quite know how.  How do you think Gavin feels/wants to say to Marie.” Would he be speaking in metaphor as currently written? Would he be honest with her? Would he treat her like his mom? Everything from I can see the stars on is PERFECT. DON’T CHANGE A THING.