Scene 1

We have been working over Act I in detail. We have blocked and combed through the content without judgment. 

We looked through different lenses... motivation, environment, relationships, sotry arc, the progression of alzheimers, our expereinces with those in different stages of the illness, etc. to come up with the following questions.

What is holding Gavin back? Why doesnt he jump at the job despite being confused about the circumstances?

Why does Gavin get paid after the job is done? Why has he made this policy?

Throughout the first scene, we are sensing this “honesty” theme. It pops up in different ways prompting the following: What are they being honest about? 

Is there a significance in Marie sharing the detail of “back in Middle school”?

Gavin’s empathy pokes through frequently in S.1 . Can the honesty that Gavin expresses be our first glimpse into his empathy?

P.8- MARIE’S line : “Especially since we didnt talk about it...” who is “we” and what is “it”?

Where is her regret coming from so suddenly?

Is her disclosure here too soon in their relationship?

Bottom of P.8- Right now it is clear why Marie wants services, but not why Gavin agrees. Why does Gavin eventually say yes? (We believe this information will help clarify dialogue on these two pages)


Thats it for S.1. - a couple of considerations we have would also be to look up some videos on youtube of Alzheimers patients if you have not already done so. Also, should you be interested, Martha is going to look into some volunteer opportunities for you over there in NYC so you can get some hands on. Theres no pressure behind this. Its totally up to you.