What is Stigma?



A mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.

What does it Look Like?

Stigma has many faces. The ones most familiar to us come in the form of exclusion, silence, and simply ignoring. Calling someone "crazy" or "psycho"... or even believing that mental illness is a deception for the lazy or those seeking attention.

The Consequences of Stigma...

Those who are experiencing mental illness will hide their symptoms out of shame and will not seek the help or treatment they need. 

What Can I do?

Quite simply. Listen. Talk. Ask Questions. Often, those who are experiencing a mental illness do not feel heard or feel that they have no voice.

The Wildwood Theatre creates a space where the stories of those who experience mental illness can be shared in order to begin unraveling the stigma. Our efforts alone cannot make a difference because it starts with YOU.