Tales from the wood

You have a story waiting to be heard

Our stories are diverse.

They are filled with joy, fear, uncertainty, guilt.

Our stories heal.

Sometimes we fail to recognize the importance of our stories, or hide them because we’re ashamed.

When you show bravery with your truths through words and actions, you have the power to inspire change. This ‘integrity of self’ empowers you to stand still in what is right, and lovingly coaxes others to do the same.

The Wildwood summons those who hear our call to be imperfect out loud. We’re beginning to collect and share stories to create a community of wanderers who join us in our mission to unravel the stigma of mental health

The Wildwood beckons ye to share your tale

When you are bold enough to share your journey, you create a completely and totally unique experience. One where your story becomes part of a larger collective narrative and creates a broader understanding.

We all want to feel connected. Free yourself of shame and join our band of storytellers bound to reignite empathy.

Sign up to share your mental health-related story over a recording session or submit your story in writing. Either way you chose to share, the choice of revealing your identity or remaining anonymous is up to you.


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