What's Your Story? 

A Collaboration w/ Intertwine Northeast


Intertwine Northeast and The Wildwood Theatre are collaborating to present "What's Your Story?", a two-part series, exploring the (helpful and harmful) stories that we live and tell with our lives, and an invitation to imagine new stories we can live forward. 

Human beings are narrative beings - we understand and interact with life through story. Sometimes the stories we believe and tell about our lives can be pretty toxic. What if we re-write our stories to be ones of healing and connection?

Part Two: What New and Re-written Stories Can We Live Forward?

We are creatures with the power to write and create new stories with our lives. For Part 2 of our series, we'll mix performance, story, music and conversation. Exploring the stories we desire to create with our lives. We can live stories of connection, healing and creativity. 

We'll reflect on the learning and imagining what we have experienced in engaging with our What's Your Story? Journals (e-mail info@intertwinene.org for a free copy). You'll still find value in the morning, whether you engage with the journal or not, so don't let that keep you from hanging out with us!

This is a free event. Kid-friendly. And we're pouring delicious Tiny Footprint Coffee.

Dad's are welcome, too!


More about Intertwine Northeast - Intertwine is a community that gathers around the questions "what does it mean to be human?" and "how do we be that well?" They create dialogue around personal experience, pop culture, science and psychology, and the Judeo-Christian tradition, engaging the big human questions through stories, art, and more questions