The Wildwood Theatre unravels stigma under the canopy of mental health by providing a safe space where individuals can feel comfortable to ask personal questions, explore feelings, investigate social norms, and excavate truth.

Understanding each other is the first step in unraveling stigma and we know that storytelling is one of the best ways we learn about each other and ourselves.



A measure of experience — not age. It is a mindset formed through the complete and complex life each of us leads. In our everyday existence, we create a world that is unique to our eyes, and as such our minds. It is a prerogative to keep these unique experiences to oneself, but when we are bold enough to share and commune, to divulge. The collection of those experiences create a completely, and totally unique experience — one that is true only in the here and now.


We believe curiosity represents the first true touch of understanding. It implies an inherent drive to question, and when explored with earnest love, can even reveal that in our darkest places, we are not alone. It is through curiosity that a fair, peaceful, and sound bridge is built between experiences.


In a world of technology, proximity matters, and while all facets of contact are important, community communication is the one directly impacting everyday life. If there is hope in tomorrow, it is in our community — the community that understands proximity alone is enough reason to care.


The most effective way of relating the inner world of personal perspective to the collective world is through expression — in whatever form that may take! The Wildwood calls us to our talents — compelling us to use them in any way which resonates with the call. The marriage of those aspects create an inspiration for expression, but it is up to us to be bold enough to act upon it.


We believe that following the path to acceptance, not assimilation, is the way to embark on a deeper journey of understanding. Acceptance in The Wildwood is built on an understanding that all human experiences are valid. When extending a safe and accepting space to those who seek it, one must also extend and foster a culture of empathy.


We believe that, to be the immovable object in truth is to embody the most powerful and raw form of bravery. Honesty provides an opportunity — one that promises to push the boundaries of what is comfortable, and to expand the limits of our understanding in shared, global truth — as well as in our own personal axioms.


When you are brave and bold with your truths through your words and actions, you have the power to inspire change. This integrity of self empowers you to stand still in what is right, and lovingly coaxes others to do the same. It is through this one-by-one internal transformation that we may find ourselves standing together, and may even discover the truth behind the integrity of us.


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

— Maya Angelou


The Sages embody the values of the Wildwood, and serve the Wood stripped of ego, ready to lean into uncomfortable topics.

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