David Albino

David, an actor residing in Minneapolis, dedicated a significant portion of his career to the mental health industry — working primarily with youth experiencing severe emotional disturbances. David was always inspired to create a unique organization that married his two passions in order to bring about social change.

Thus, The Wildwood Theatre came to be.


Whitney Hall

Whitney comes to the Wildwood bringing a wealth of knowledge in Accounting and Business Management. Whitney holds her Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln and operates her own consulting firm.


Martha Mcdermott

Martha is very excited to embark on this journey with the Wildwood Theatre. After working across the mental health field, she is ready to take a step back and share perspectives with actors and audience members. Martha is a local musician who spends her days working with individuals who struggle with mental illness. She is ready to use her experiences and expertise to help create a space that will help break stigma and start important dialogues in the community.


Emma Rasmussen

Emma wandered serendipitously into the Wildwood Theatre, finding a mission that resonated with the passions in her heart. She looks forward to growing alongside the Wildwood and strengthening our collective narrative around mental health through courageous, connected storytelling. Emma is a theatre artist and mental health advocate who believes in the importance of empowering individuals to encounter themselves and others with vulnerability, curiosity, and empathy.

Maja Nordrum Wildwood Sage.jpeg

Maja Nordrum

Maja is excited to bring her background in organization development and product management to the Wildwood Theatre. Looking at things through a business lens energizes her, and she has a passion for utilizing creativity to provide unique, meaningful, and not always obvious, connections to people and their experiences. She has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Organization Development. She's excited to continue to share and live the mission of the Wildwood.


Sarah Catcher

Sarah is honored to have been called to journey with the Wildwood. As an emerging director, Sarah seeks out opportunities to use theater to stimulate important conversations and social action. She is prepared to use her love of storytelling and language, passion for advocating mental health issues, and background in directing and theater marketing to illuminate the Wood.